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Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Heat Sink

Heat Sink
Product ID: Heat sink for SSR

Heat sink used for computer:
1. High performance and good price.
2. Passed ROHS and ISO certification.
3. Treatment: Black.

We have more than 10 years' experiences at  heat sink as well as installation. Our company has developed a variety of high performance aluminum profile, heat sink, aluminum products and industrial profile.

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»  Specifications:

400mm Width/LengthAluminum Heatsink Extrusions

  • Aluminum Extrusion heatsinks
  • Aluninum Heatsink extrusions
  • Aluminum/copper Extrusion Heatsink
  • OEM Aluminium heatsink/aluminium extrusion
  • Materials of Heatsinks : brass/copper/aluminum
  • Processing of heatsinks: precison cutting, drilling, skiving, deburring, fine blanking, soldering/bonding, punching, stamping, milling, CNC machining, polishing
  • Surface treatments for heatsink: clear anodizing/2-step anodizing,powder coating, brushing; sand blasting; shot blasting; polishing; milling
  • Surface color for heatsinks: natrual, black, matt black, green, red, yellow, silver, white, blue and other surface colors upon request
  • The lengths, thickness and heights of material extrusion are various upon request


»  Features:
  • High heat transfer rate
  • Outstanding cooling performance
  • Applications for heatsinks
    • For computer case cooling
    • Used in engine and automotive industry
    • Used for the cooling in industrial computers
    • Used for the cooling of pc enclosures
    • Used for the cooling of electronic components
    • the cooling of data automation devices, parts and accessories,
»  Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: 10
  • Branded Product
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