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AC SSR of three phase, solid state relay

AC SSR of three phase, solid state relay

AC SSR of three phase

Product ID: SA3 series(100A-300A)

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AC SSR of three phase, solid state relay

1. Favourable price, good service, timely delivery, quality assurance, packaging
2. Load voltage: 40-530VAC 90-660VAC 90-1000VAC
3. Max Load Current:100A  120A 150A 200A 300A
4. Isolation between In& Out: ≥30000VAC
5. Isolation to case: ≥3000VAC
6. Control Voltage: 4-32VDC 
7. Control Current: 5mA-25mA (Build-in constant current circuit)
8. Turn-on Voltage: ≤1.3VAC
9. Off-state Leakage: ≤3mA
10. Status indicator: In LED and out on LED
11. Operating Temperature: -40~80°C
12. Output: zero switching, random switching

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